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The "No-Incision Vasectomy"

Vasectomy has been considered a safe and effective means for permanent surgical contraception for many years, and indeed, world-wide, millions of men have had this minor operation. Despite the excellent results, and the fact that the operation is really easy for the patient, many men are still reluctant to undergo a vasectomy. There is no doubt that one of the reasons for men not to have vasectomy is the fear of pain and their perception that it may alter their sexual function.

Vasectomy in no way affects the ability of a male to have erection or orgasm. Sexual desire or libido is also unaffected!

Urologists for years have looked for a way to do vasectomies that would make the procedure more acceptable to men, especially decreasing the amount of pain during this already relatively painless procedure.

A procedure that has been done for many years in China has been introduced in this country, and American Urologists are now being trained in this procedure dubbed the "no scalpel or no incision" vasectomy. This operation is truly revolutionary in this country, and it is my belief that within 5-10 years all vasectomies will be done in this manner. It is an improved procedure over the standard vasectomy in that complications are fewer, there is less pain, less swelling, and men can return to their normal activities more rapidly. As men hear about this, the old method will no longer be considered acceptable. Make no mistake about it though, the old operation is a good one, but the new Chinese technique certainly has some advantages.

What is different about it? The standard vasectomy uses two incisions ? to 1 inch in length in the scrotum. The vas is clipped or tied and usually a couple of sutures are used to close each incision. In the new technique, there is no incision. Instead, after the skin is anesthetized, a tiny puncture hole is made with an instrument, and through this tiny hole, at the most 1/8 inch, the vas is grasped, cut, and allowed to fall back into the scrotum. No sutures are needed, and afterwards there is usually very little pain or swelling, recovery is usually very rapid. However, if this procedure becomes technically difficult in certain patients the old standard procedure will be used as a fall back to complete the procedure.

For the couple who has all the children they desire, and if the man is willing, vasectomy is one of the simplest and safest method for achieving permanent contraception. This new "NO-INCISION" vasectomy will undoubtedly make vasectomy more appealing to men and hopefully it will help them overcome the fear associated with it.

Also, new microscopic techniques for vasectomy reversal increase the chance that this operation can be successfully reversed. Even the small amount of men that cannot be successfully reversed, you can still have biological children through artificial reproductive techniques.